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Book Review: An Apology To My Demons

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

An Apology To My Demons was written by Maiya Katherine and published by Blue Dragonfly Life in 2021. You can purchase it at Amazon/Kindle and you can visit the author on Amazon and social media.

The author eventually pulled me in and kept me there; empathy flowed, and I smiled when I found the surprise at the end. I loved it!

An automobile strikes a guardrail, and it ends up in a lake. The driver is trapped. She begins to see her life flash before her as the water slowly seeps in but it's her fears and her past demons and monsters that consume her thoughts in the waning moments of her life. Chaos and turmoil had been ruling her for years; a direct result of being bullied and mistreated during her childhood but those monsters and demons were kept hidden. Others saw a productive and self-reliant person. The truth was she was emotionally broken, suffering from low self-esteem and from being in co-dependent toxic relationships. In order to cope she shoved those skeletons away. Now they were back. Awful memories surfaced while she watched the water enter her car, ready to drown her.

"A repository of dead dreams, dead hopes, broken promises, betrayals, lies, and worse, violations of body, violations of trust, and violations of innocence."

While struggling with her demons and her impending death, she found a way to an inner light and joy. She was now on a quest to heal the demons and her wounded heart.

Many of us go through life not really knowing of the struggles and the painful experiences of the ones who are around us and often, we sometimes ignore our own demons and skeletons. In this story the main character is faced with a horrible death of drowning, trapped in her own car. In those moments she comes to grips with her past and finds a way to joy. In the beginning I wanted to know more about the descriptions and the action of what was happening in the car under water. Instead, the author went with the narrative of the characters life and her past experiences, explaining the demons and the monsters and the emotional turmoil that she had to endure up to the point of the accident. I kept asking, "But, what's happening in the car!?" Then, a few more pages into the story, my interest shifted, and I was all in, wanting to know more about her demons. She explained in detail and there was a lot there that I could relate to in my own life. I began to root and cheer for the main character in the story as her healing began.

The author eventually pulled me in and kept me there; empathy flowed, and I smiled when I found the surprise at the end. I loved it!

I give An Apology To My Demons 4 out of 5 stars.

Mayia Katherine is a scheduled guest on The Writers Lounge Blog Talk Radio Show #106 on January 10, 2022

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