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Book Review: An Unfortunate End

An Unfortunate End was written by Lisa Zumpano and published by Fielding House Press in 2019. You can purchase the book at Amazon/Kindle and you can visit the author on social media and at Amazon.

Lillie Mead is a woman who is bearing the anxieties and tribulations of a post world war world in 1919. She received word that the war took the man she loved away from her and now she is left to navigate life without him. She lives her life in New York City but a friend soon entices her to move back across the pond to work as an investigative reporter for a newspaper, which she reluctantly decides to do. After arriving, she realizes that she is happy to be back among friends and begins to settle in and starts to dig into writing about an unsolved murder of a prosperous woman who she believes was poisoned. The police believe she became ill and died from the flu but Lillie and her friends think otherwise. As they begin to uncover clues, it soon becomes evident that Lillie has connections to some who are suspected of the murder and now her life is threatened.

I enjoyed the story. The author is good at painting a picture of the places that Lillie and her friends explore while in a hunt for clues and the characters are very well developed and likable. After the midway point of the story, a surprise kicked up the interest one more notch for me- taking it from a 3 star to a 4 star rating. All in all, a nice little historical whodunit from across the pond. The characters are likable and the plot will keep you engaged. I loved it.

I give An Unfortunate End 4 out of 5 stars.

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