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Book Review: And Union No More

Updated: Feb 7

And Union No More was written by Stan Haynes and it was published in 2023 You can purchase it on Amazon/Kindle and visit the author on Amazon and on social media.

Stan Haynes, once again, polishes up his exceptional writing skills to bring us historical fiction at its best.

Slavery was accepted in America as a business and property right for many years. The Missouri Compromise contained slavery mainly to the southern states but the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which passed in 1854, allowed for expansion of slavery to the west. Southerners celebrated while the northerners were angered, and it fueled their anti-slavery sentiment and their determination to settle Kansas and to make it a free state if they could populate it with a majority. The south had the same objective and when they moved into the territory the two sides clashed. Warfare broke out and Americans were soon killing other Americans.

Monty Tolliver, a former congressman from Ohio joined the militia from the north and decided to make Kansas home. His family would follow him there after the turmoil settled down. Other young men seek their futures in Kansas and are determined to fight for opposing ideals. Billy Rutledge from Mississippi and Robert Geddis from Rhode Island are two of the other characters we meet in this story, and they all converge on the violence and are embroiled in the violent fight which becomes known as "Bleeding Kansas". Other historical figures are there to add to the drama. Abolitionist John Brown and presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln are among them.

"Bleeding Kansas" is the spark that ignited the American Civil War; And Union No More is a great story, explaining how it all came together, creating the most violent time in American history.

Stan Haynes, once again, polishes up his exceptional writing skills to bring us historical fiction at its best. It's sometimes difficult to get a good grip on history and to understand how and why it happened the way it did and to also better understand our historical figures and what they were up against. A textbook will never deliver history in the way this story is told.

Great story! A must read!

I give And Union No More a 5 out of 5 stars.

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