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Book Review: Anonymity

Anonymity was written by Rachel Martin and published by Garnet Moon Publishing in 2020.You may purchase it at Visit the author on Reedsy Discovery.

Until now, expert brain surgeon Abel Rhodes has been shackled by society’s expectations. After all, “functioning psychopath” doesn’t fit neatly into the cover life he’s created—or into one his wife, adopted child, or colleagues would understand.

For the first time he wakes with...a feeling? Abel’s Sanctuary, a brilliant hideaway built with his own two hands, serves as the backdrop to quench his cravings for execution. Glorious? Yes, but this isn’t enough.

His growing angst toward a rotting society of the Internets’ “entitled”, while savvy societies watch and wait to devour our ignorance, must be rectified. Abel requires absolute anonymity in his quest. What he’s in need of most is a “Captain”, his captive; to be the face of said movement.

Once he finds one who is all he could have hoped for...and then some—can Abel successfully accomplish his mission and indulge in his carnal fetishes? Or will she destroy his world?

The plot of this story hinges on a reality that is far from fiction. Ph D Martha Stout wrote a book called The Sociopath Next Door. In it, she claims that “1 in 25 ordinary Americans secretly has no conscience and can do anything at all without feeling guilty.” The characters that are highlighted in Anonymity are the sociopaths that Stout refers to and beyond that, they could be contenders for the higher designation of psychopath. This is a twisted tale of a doctor/surgeon who cures and then plots to kill after he hangs up his white coat and stethoscope each and every day. This story is extremely graphic, with violent and sexual content, and is meant for an adult audience.

It was a bit of a slow start for me, as the author used the first-person point of view a little too often but after about a dozen pages in, the story took off into a spine-chilling psychological thriller that equals or surpasses the Silence Of The Lambs, which featured the brilliant and gruesome character of Hannibal Lecter. Doctor Abel Rhodes, in my opinion, is a darker and more frightening human being who is free to play the hero and the villain and no one can see this monster coming. He is cunning, diabolical and very smart.

Reviewers often say about a good book, “I couldn’t put it down.”- but I only put this book down twice and went without lunch because I was hungrier for more of the story than I was for food.

Keep an eye on this author, Rachel Martin. She has an impressive literary talent in crafting her words and her attention to story plot and character development will easily land her on the best sellers list if she keeps going as a writer.

I give Anonymity a solid 5 stars.

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