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Book Review: Becoming the Boogeyman

Updated: Feb 7

Becoming the Boogeyman was written by Richard Chizmar and published by Gallery Books in 2023. You can purchase it on Amazon/Kindle and you can visit the author on Amazon and on social media.

Chizmar hooked me! Becoming the Boogeyman- How much of it is fact or fiction? The murders were chilling, and the evil is too recognizable.

In this exceptional follow up sequel to Chasing the Boogeyman, Richard Chizmar invites us back into the story where we left off with Joshua Gallagher- the man who was imprisoned for a serial killing spree in the 1980s in Edgewood, Maryland, Chizmar's hometown. Chizmar continues to interview the monster who killed several teenage girls but soon, the killings that he thought were left in the past, start up again, leaving open the possibility that a copycat killer is once again on the loose in Edgewood. It isn't exactly as it may seem, and several people float the idea that it's none other than Chizmar who is behind the current murders. Chizmar works frantically to clear his name but the more effort he puts into it the more fingers point at him. Is Joshua Gallagher somehow orchestrating the serial killings from prison or is it really Richard Chizmar who is responsible- or is it someone or something else?

Chasing the Boogeyman was unique and very intriguing story telling where the author had us wondering if the tale was based on fact or fiction. For many of us, including me, I didn't know what to believe but the story was so compelling, with pictures to back up what was happening in the book, that I certainly wanted to believe it had actually happened. Chizmar hooked me. I had to pick up Becoming the Boogeyman- taking me down the same path again- wondering how much of it is fact or fiction. The murders were chilling, and the evil is too recognizable.

Chizmar's talent is right up there with the very best. The only thing that held this back from being a five-star review? He seems, at times, to move the story to unrelated topics, such as snippets of a book he is writing, which he includes, about growing up in Edgewood with some of his friends. I think this took away from some of the building excitement of the story, but it's just a minor criticism. Chizmar is in the top five of my favorite authors.

I loved Becoming the Boogeyman!

I give Becoming the Boogeyman 4 out of 5 stars.

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