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Book Review: Ben's Bones

Ben's Bones was written by Joseph C. Geoconda and published by Newtown IP Holdings in 2023. You can purchase it on Amazon/Kindle and you can visit the author on Amazon and on social media.

Grave robbing and murder are the threads that hold this amazing tale together, but it goes morbidly further.

Benjamin Franklin finds himself in London in the 1760s, a diplomat from Pennsylvania and the colonies last hope that he will be the one to stave off a war with the crown. He rents rooms in the home of a lonely widow and her bright and cheerful daughter Polly. They become his surrogate family while he's away from his family in America. Polly takes to Ben immediately and they become very close friends. He tutors her in her schooling while at the same time he's busy trying to keep the peace between the British and the colonists. During this time, there is much crime in the streets of London and most disturbing is the fact that pregnant women and children are coming up missing. Thieves are looting graves, but even more horrifying is the fact that bodies are missing too- fresh ones. Polly eventually marries a young man, with Benjamin's blessing, who is a doctor. William Hewson is intent on finding cures for illnesses and he is steadfast in his efforts to open a private anatomy school. He is business partners with the Hunter brothers- famous surgeons who are able to acquire animal and human specimens, but William learns that the brothers are obtaining these dead bodies in horrendous ways. William is blinded by ambition and looks the other way from his suspicions, in his attempt to build his academy. When he finally discovers the cold hard truth about the Hunters, he seeks out Benjamin Franklin and asks him to help level justice against the Hunters, but what will Ben do? What will Mr. Franklin do when he finds that the bones of the dead are buried in the garden where he lives? Ben's Bones is based on true events. Grave robbing and murder are the threads that hold this amazing tale together, but it goes morbidly further when we witness, within the pages, the dissecting and mutilation of both human and animal cadavers. Before opening up this book take caution of its content. Ben's Bones is not for everyone, but it is a story of the historic past and Mr. Franklin was a part of it. I cringed and simultaneously enjoyed the frankness of the author's ability to give us a glimpse into the past. Franklin was an important figure in the history of our country, let us not forget, but he was also human. Historians and lovers of historical fiction will be tempted to read this one. I loved Ben's Bones.

I give Ben's Bones 4 out of 5 stars.

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