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Book Review: Dominion 2024

Updated: Feb 7

Dominion 2024 was written by Geoff Robberts and published in 2023. You can purchase it on Amazon/Kindle and you can visit the author on Amazon and on social media.

The author weaves a shocking story, reflecting on current events and serving up a warning: This fictional tale could actually happen!

If you loved Time of Ends, the first book in this exceptional political drama, you're not going to be able ignore Dominion 2024! Bill Garrigan is on a continued mission to hunt down and deliver vigilante justice to right wing extremists. Bill belongs to People's Second Amendment Militia- or better known as 2 AM. Their target is Allegiance America, a right-wing group determined to restore deposed President Travis E. Donnelly to power. Swept out of Camp David, Donnelly is taken away to a hide-out in the Midwest by his supporters. Just as determined, federal law enforcement is resolved to bring Donnelly to justice. The military decides to take unpopular measures to capture the president, and this leads to support from 2 AM but it also leads to violent acts that threaten to push the United States into a civil war. Despite President Donnelley's situation, he garners support from enough states to propose a succession from the Union and to create a new nation: Dominion- built on twisted Christian values. What will 2 AM and the military do? Will they allow succession, or will they take steps that will lead us to civil war?

With no apologies, the author weaves a shocking story that reflects directly on our current events and serves up a warning: This fictional tale could actually happen!

Considering the current political climate, it was hard for me to pass this one up. It was well written with much conflict and page turning excitement. It should also be noted that the author has done his homework. His knowledge of our system of government and how it works and how it could operate in such a case are spot on, or as close to it as possible. A good work of fiction but there are true lessons to be learned from this story that should give us pause for thought as we navigate our way through this election year.

I loved it!

I give Dominion 2024- 4 out of 5 stars.

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