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Book Review: Gwendy's Button Box (Trilogy)

Gwendy's Button Box was written by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar and published by Gallery Books in 2022. You can purchase it on Amazon/Kindle and you can visit the authors on Amazon and on social media.

King and Chizmar team up and deliver magic and chills in this wonderful saga.

Twelve- year-old Gwendy Peterson receives a mysterious box from a stranger. The man's name is Richard Ferris, and he seems to be something other than human because he knows things about Gwendy that no one else could know. He gives Gwendy what he calls the button box and asks her to keep it safe, as only he believes Gwendy can do. This magic box has levers, which when pulled, offers up magically restorative chocolates and vintage coins- but it also comes with eight colored buttons. Pushing them will bring targeted death and destruction. Gwendy can't resist the chocolates and she uses them at different points in her life, proving to be very beneficial to her and her family. But she also has to pay a price each time she eats one of the amazing, delicious treats. Regardless, her life is transformed, and she goes on to be very successful as a novelist and later, as a United States Senator. The button box was absent from her life for years, but it has reappeared and now there are others who want to possess the box and to use the dark powers that reside within it. Gwendy has to find a place to hide it and her mission will be far from easy. Her life and her health will be at risk, along with the possible destruction of the world. Stephen King and Richard Chizmar take the idea of Pandora's Box and expand on it to bring to us this extremely entertaining, spooky, chilling and heartwarming adventure. I fell in love with Gwendy. In this trilogy, we watch her grow and struggle through all the stages of her life; from the innocence of a twelve-year-old to eventually as a sixty-four-year-old woman who is trying desperately to hold on to memories and a lifetime of living. All the while, she fights to save the world. King and Chizmar team up and deliver magic and chills in this wonderful saga. Stephen King has never lost his story telling touch and Richard Chizmar improves his talents as an exceptional writer. This trilogy is a must read!

I give Gwendy's Button Box a 5 out of 5 stars.

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