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Book Review: Intrepid Spirit

Intrepid Spirit was written by David Tunno and published by The Wild Rose Press Inc. in 2022. You can purchase it on Amazon/Kindle and you can visit the author on Amazon and on social media.

Lt. Moses Redding, a United States Navy hero, becomes embroiled in an international incident on the eve of Mideast peace talks, and is soon relegated to serve as commander on "Old Ironsides" the 200-year-old USS Constitution. Now, not much more than a floating museum for tour groups, Redding is trying to heal his bruised ego and to find ways to regain his stature. To complicate things further, Redding encounters a passenger onboard who stirs up even deeper emotions. Dr. Miriam Hannah finds Moses Redding to have a rough personality, but she begins a reluctant flirtation and sparks soon fly between the two. Hannah is a naval historian and top aide to Vice President Virginia Mitchell, who is a point person for the peace talks.

Lt. Redding is tasked with training the crew with how to use Constitution's antique weapons, which impresses Miriam, but who could know how important that training exercise would become as the great ship sails closer to where the terrorists are succeeding with their evil plot.

A lover of history and a good entertaining fictional tale, Intrepid Spirit delivered beyond what I could have imagined. The author has a wealth of experience in many professions, including screen writing, sailing and acting and he brings it all to the pages in this novel. David Tunno delivers some of the best action-packed scenes that I have ever read, an on the edge of your seat movie in a book.

For the historic and entertainment value- this is a must read!

I give Intrepid Spirit 5 out of 5 stars.

David Tunno is a scheduled guest on The Writers Lounge Blog Talk Radio Show #128 on November 28, 2022

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