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Book Review: Mars Nation- Part 1

Mars Nation- Part 1 was written by Brandon Q. Morris and published by in 2019. You may purchase it at Visit the author on Facebook or at Amazon.

NASA finally made it. The very first human has just set foot on the surface of our neighbor planet. This is the start of a long research expedition that sent four scientists into space. But the four astronauts of the NASA crew are not the only ones with this destination. The privately financed ‘Mars for Everyone’ initiative has also targeted the Red Planet. Twenty men and women have been selected to live there and establish the first extraterrestrial settlement.

Challenges arise even before they reach Mars orbit. The MfE spaceship Santa Maria is damaged along the way. Only the four NASA astronauts can intervene and try to save their lives. No one anticipates the impending catastrophe that threatens their very existence—not to speak of the daily hurdles that an extended stay on an alien planet sets before them. On Mars, a struggle begins for limited resources, human cooperation, and just plain survival.

For any Mars enthusiast, this series is a must have. As I was reading through the first book in the series, questions began to surface in my mind. The most prominent one was: Are humans really equipped to take on the colonization of a new world, when they obviously have failed so miserably down here on Earth? As Mars Nation Part 1 points out, it takes a lot of cooperation to pull off such an endeavor and that’s not even factoring in the extreme dangers of interplanetary space travel.

The challenges that face the characters in the book are enormous but their resolve is to tackle everyone of them. However, the decision to go on comes with a price and that price is having to deal with the complexities and ugliness of human nature, which threatens to undermine and doom the mission. The plot is exciting and when the conflicts begin to pile up, the author holds you tight to the tale and it soon becomes a page turner that you can’t possibly put down.

As the author strives to communicate all of the “what if” scenarios of a Mars colonization, he leaves us wondering if we’re up to the task but we’re a species who has exploration built into our DNA and it’s my guess that we’ll somehow find a way, even with all of the obstacles that will overwhelm us along the way.

This book will leave you happily scratching your head and you’ll be considering all of the challenges that face these colonists and if you’re like me, you’ll want to rocket on to Mars Nation Part 2.

I give Mars Nation a solid 5 stars.

Brandon Q. Morris will not be on The Writers Lounge podcast but we will be posting a blog based interview with him shortly.

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