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Book Review: Murder & Mayhem on Staten Island

Murder & Mayhem on Staten Island was written by Patricia Salmon and published by The History Press in 2013. You can purchase it on Amazon/Kindle and you can visit the author on Amazon and on social media.

These tales will propel you into the darkest corners of human behavior. Be prepared.

Staten Island historian Patrician Salmon peels back the pages of history to give us a peek into the gruesome and mysterious murders that happened in the New York borough more than one hundred years ago. Some of the stories in this fascinating read include: The Body in the Barrel, A Wicked Love, The Staten Island Terror, Three Bullets for the Bootlegger, The Baby Farm Murder, The Kiss Slayer, and That Most Wicked and Wretched Woman. These tales will propel you into the darkest corners of human behavior. Be prepared. To say that I was surprised by what I read in this book is an understatement. One of the stories involves crimes that involved my grandfather/adopted father, Russell Brice. Three Bullets for the Bootlegger was a condensed version of a book I wrote a few years ago: Poppy's Prison; highlighting the murder of a bootlegger king on Staten Island in 1920. The three bullets mentioned in the title could very well have come from my grandfather's gun. I have always believed that the history of our hometowns is so very important because the people who have passed before us should always be remembered for the lives they lived, and not merely pondered for the etchings of names and dates in a gravestone. The author seems to be of the same mindset, and I applaud her efforts in keeping history alive. The book is a short read, one that will take you no longer than a day to get through, but it will most likely intrigue and fascinate you, as it did me, with all of the horror infused killings. It was very well written, with sources and photos to back up the stories within, and I expect that I will read more books from Patricia Salmon. True crime and history at its best! I loved this book!

I give Murder & Mayhem on Staten Island 4 out of 5 stars.

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