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Book Review: Purgatory's Angel (Dark Angel Book #1)

Purgatory's Angel was written by Bobbi Hughes-Millman and published by City Owl Press in 2016. You can purchase the book on Amazon/Kindle and you can visit the author on Amazon.

Jaime Connor, a dark angel, who was sent to Earth by God, fights demons in her sleep in an effort to stop them from killing other innocent dreamers, some of whom have been found dead in their beds- adding up to some very gruesome bloody crime scenes. The only problem? There are no fingerprints, no forced entry, and no murder weapons. It's a mystery that only someone like Jaime can solve and avenge in her dreams but she's tired of all the killing and anticipates a time when she will meet her death at the hands of a demon who will send her back to Heaven. However, there is a demon she met in a dream who controls her through his alluring looks and even the scent of him is intoxicatingly seductive. Demons are only seen and conquered in her dreams but this one shows up in her world and it leaves Jaime to wonder if this might be the one to end her life on Earth and send her back to Heaven? Fighting demons is certainly not a new concept for writers but this author conjures up battles in a characters dream state. It's a twist that is interesting to think about since our dreams, and our nightmares, can bleed over into our waking hours and sometimes their impact can cause a lot of havoc in our lives. For Jaime, there seems to be no boundary between the happenings of day and night-constantly in battle and what happens with eyes open or closed is all too real. As Jaime mentions in regards to what a dark angel is in this story: "Other angels are there for comfort or to fulfill peaceful missions, clean and pure souls. Our role isn’t peaceful and there’s no comfort." Jaime carries a lot of responsibility on her shoulders and is quick to point out: “If I’m the last one? When they take the last dark angel from this earth, the world will be in the hands of Lucifer and we’ll see the beginning of the end.” Purgatory's Angel will excite your imagination; it will tempt you with both Heaven and Hell, it will allure you with a fiery romance and you'll feel like your right in the battle with Jaime- the dark angel. The author is a master at her word craft. She pulled me right into all of her exciting and dramatic scenes. I loved it!

I give Purgatory's Angel 4 out of 5 stars.

Bobbi Hughes-Millman is a scheduled guest on The Writers Lounge Blog Talk Radio Show #102 on November 1, 2021

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