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Book Review: Rendered Safe: Tales of an NYPD Bomb Tech

Rendered Safe was written by Jeff Ingber and published in 2019. You can purchase it on Amazon/Kindle, and you can visit the author on Amazon and on social media.

The interviews and the knowledge within this book are gold to those of us who want to better understand what happened thirty years ago.

Donald Sadowy came up through the ranks of NYPD and eventually ended up being a detective on the NYPD Bomb Squad. As a former Marine, Donald had much of the skills and the mindset to approach the job. His determination and his goal of doing whatever he could to keep the people of New York safer from crime seemed to be baked into who he was as a person. Possibly the right man at the right time could describe him as fate delivered him to investigate the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Not only the people of New York City were grateful, but the citizens of The United States should be thankful that Donald was there with a resolute determination to solve the case and bring justice to whoever was responsible. He did that by risking his life to go down into the highly dangerous and structurally unstable sub-basement. It was there, among all of the mangled cement and debris that he found a key bit of evidence: A piece of chassis frame that contained a VIN number that led investigators to arrest the ones involved. Fate wasn't done with Donald yet. He entered into the South Tower on 9/11 and nearly died after being buried under the rubble during the collapse of the tower. He still suffers from the events of that day. Donalds career in law enforcement had him in many roles. He was personal bodyguard for U.N. Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim. He worked many cases with the Bomb Squad including the Abortion Bomber Case, the investigation of TWA Flight 800, and was also involved with global intelligence missions. In addition, he provided protection for Makhail Gorbachev and Fidel Castro. Rendered Safe brings us in close to the interesting and dangerous world of being a bomb technician and gives us a background, or a backstage look of what happens during these fateful world events. It tells of how all of these crimes of humanity changed us, and how it changed the life of Donald Sadowy forever. I decided to read Rendered Safe because of my background in public safety and my studies of the Criminal Justice System. I have the highest regard for the people who serve us as law enforcement officers and I'm especially grateful for the firefighters, law enforcement and others who gave their lives and risked their lives on and after 9/11. Donald Sadowy and this story that was told by Jeff Ingber should never be forgotten. The interviews and the knowledge that are contained within this book are gold to those of us who want to better understand what happened thirty years ago. Rendered Safe was very well written and the author should be applauded for making it available to us. I loved this book!

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