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Book Review: Rigged

Rigged was written by James Rosone and Miranda Watson and published by Front Line Publishing Inc. in 2019. You can purchase it on Amazon/Kindle and you can visit the authors on Amazon and social media.

Rigged is absorbing and thrilling. We learn about the nuts and bolts of what helps America move forward but it also exposes our demons.

This work of fiction was written in 2018 but it is hauntingly real in relation to what has happened in our country in the last several years. it revolves around political corruption and outside interference that quickly descends into threatening our democracy. A global conspiracy threatens the 2020 presidential election and both candidates, a president and a senator, are thrust into the mix, wondering what they can do to legitimize the integrity of the election and still be on the right side of the American voters. The scenes shift in this high adrenaline thriller, from America to over-seas, where terrorists play a huge part in planning attacks on America during the campaign and right up to election day. It soon becomes an impossible scenario and the stakes could not be higher. The authors whipped up a good one. There's action packed scenes on just about every page and the pace is perfect; the eyes move down the page nicely without hesitancy in trying to understand the plot. It is absorbing and yes, educational, as we learn about the nuts and bolts of what helps America move forward but it also exposes our demons and what we would do to others in order to protect our nation. I have read some reviews of this book who criticize the authors for a political slant (mostly to the right) they may have used in writing this series but if you break it down, I see no evidence of a political bias. It's a very good action thriller that is worthy of a read and I loved it!

I give Rigged 4 out of 5 stars.

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