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Book Review: Saviours From The WonderWorld- The Curse Of Malinda

Saviours From The WonderWorld- The Curse Of Malinda was written by Rudaba Khan and was published by Publicancyin 2019.You may purchase it at Visit the author on Facebook.

Carlingford town is under the attack of a cursed epidemic and the virus is sparing no one. The news comes as a shock to Aaron Heisen, who is on a foreign business trip. He is shattered to find out that his beloved wife has contracted the deadly virus in his absence. He returns back home, only to find Elisa unconscious on the deathbed. His world is upside down. He is devastated. He doesn't want to live anymore.

Aaron Heisen's life is gloomy and hopeless. All of a sudden, there is an emergence of three tiny human beings, who have time-traveled to save this world. Will they be successful in helping Aaron and his home town to get rid of the epidemic? What powers do they hold? How do they know that something evil has gripped this small town with a small population? Is there a secret lurking behind their helpful yet unbelievable existence in our world?

After about ten minutes into this short novella, I was extremely disappointed. The tale was so interesting and so well written that I wanted it to go on. This story, which was published just before our world was consumed with the deadly Covid virus, has an important moral message built into it and although it was intended for young adults, it stimulated and tugged at my imagination and I’m forty years removed from being a young adult. The characters, who were developed quickly for the novella, were absorbing and very interesting and the storyline was just as appealing.

The author, Rudaba Khan doesn’t have a lot of credits and reviews next to her name but I predict that if she continues on her writing career path, she will find herself on the best seller list someday. She weaves her words in such a way that brings the magic of her storytelling to the page in a very smooth and enjoyable style.

Saviours From The WonderWorld- The Curse Of Malinda has been placed on my top shelf. I give it a solid 5 out of 5 stars.

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