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Book Review: Something Found: A Coin

Something Found: A Coin was written by Troy Ratliff and published in 2020. You can purchase it on Amazon/Kindle and you can visit the author on Amazon and on social media.

Todd Freeman led a normal Midwestern life: a decent job, married with a son he adored and then horror strikes. His son is killed while fighting overseas and his marriage soon ends because of it. Todd needs a change. He quits his job and moves to Florida, a total change from the life he lived. He lives out a dream of being an artist and finds a new hobby of scouring beaches with a metal detector, looking for small treasures and returning trinkets that beach goers have lost. He finds new purpose in hunting down and returning those lost valuables to people, but his happy and purposeful life is about the change dramatically. He finds a mysterious little coin, the size of a penny, and it's this little coin that precipitates a warning and a wave of violence that causes Todd to flee his beachfront home. He later finds out that this small little coin holds a clue to one of life's all-time mysteries: The Bermuda Triangle. Todd Freeman's strength and bravery will be tested as nefarious individuals now chase him for what he now holds in his pocket, and he finds something even more amazing while fleeing from these individuals. It's a Magic that stuns and awes him like nothing he has ever encountered in his life.

Soon after I started to read this story, I have to admit, I was thrown off a bit, and wondered if I would even continue, but I stayed with it and I'm glad I did! In my opinion, the author presented a back story and history of the main character's life after the opening chapter but in my view, this "back story" should have been presented first. It added depth to the character and interest to the plot; and it kept me glued to the page. At that point the story took off to be very exciting, mysterious and suspenseful. I could not put the book down. I wanted and needed to know more about this little penny and the story behind it. After the last word was read, I wanted more. Looking forward to reading more in this series.

I give Something Found: A Coin 4 out of 5 stars.

Troy Ratliff is a scheduled guest on The Writers Lounge Blog Talk Radio Show #123 on September 19, 2022

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