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Book Review: Sunder Of Time

Sunder Of Time was written by Kristin McTiernan and published by Kristin McTiernan Publications LLC in 2015. You may purchase it at Visit the author on Facebook or at Amazon.

Isabella Jaramillo is accustomed to getting what she wants. Living a comfortable life as the daughter of the world’s sole time travel magnate, Isabella has never suffered the irritation of being told no. Only now she has gone too far and her soon-to-be ex-husband tells her no in the most vengeful way possible—by sabotaging her trip to the past, sending her to a distant land where the locals do not speak her language and are far from impressed by her haughty demeanor. Now a slave, Isabella makes some surprising allies and discovers the truth behind her father’s rise to power and the terrible price the entire world paid for it. Somehow, she must break free and find a way home, not only to save herself, but to restore history to its rightful direction.

I have dreamed of and thought about time travel for as long as I can remember. To try and understand Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity has been a bit difficult for me to absorb so I relied on movies like Star Trek and Back To The Future to help break down the science and bring me the adventures of time travel through fiction. It’s a genre of literary fiction that appeals to a lot of readers and so when I found McTiernan’s efforts on writing a time travel saga, I was immediately drawn to Sunder Of Time. I was not disappointed.

The main character, Isabella Jaramillo, was interesting and likable from the beginning of this story. In addition, the author’s use of plot conflict was numerous but very well placed to give the tale substance and thought-provoking scenarios. If time travel is actually possible, McTiernan did a good job of explaining the complexities and dangers that a people and a society would have to consider before sending anyone through time. The author should also be given credit for her knowledge of history, especially for endeavoring to send Isabella back to the dark ages.

This is a rich and interesting tale told about time travel but it’s also a story about love, family and decisions that will have to be made to save, or not to save, history as we know it. This book is a top shelf winner. I look forward to the next book in this series.

Kristin McTiernan is scheduled as a guest on The Writers Lounge Podcast. (date and time to be announced.)

I give Sunder Of Time 5 out of 5 stars.

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