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Book Review: The Bard's Blade

The Bard’s Blade (The Sorcerers Song- Book 1) was written by Brian D. Anderson and published by Tor Books in 2020. You may purchase it at Visit the author on Facebook or at Amazon.

Mariyah enjoys a simple life in Vylari, a land magically sealed off from the outside world, where fear and hatred are all but unknown. There she's a renowned wine maker and her betrothed, Lem, is a musician of rare talent. Their destiny has never been in question. Whatever life brings, they will face it together. Then a stranger crosses the wards into Vylari for the first time in centuries, bringing a dark prophecy that forces Lem and Mariyah down separate paths. How far will they have to go to stop a rising darkness and save their home? And how much of themselves will they have to give up along the way?

From the Godling Chronicles series to his latest action-adventure fantasy tale, Brian Anderson enchants me with his story telling abilities. In The Bard’s Blade saga I was transported to worlds where magic, music, adventure and love moved this fable along nicely. The characters were fascinating and their unpredictable behaviors and personalities kept me interested until the last page was read and my interest in them only increased when I reached the end of Book #1. The worlds where Mariyah and Lem lived were brightly and richly colorful in their descriptions, as I gladly and excitedly traveled along with them.

I applaud and continue to praise the work of this exceptional writer and author. From the beginning of his career and right up to the present time, Brian Anderson remains one of my favorite authors who has found a permanent place on my book shelf.

I give The Bard’s Blade (The Sorcerers Song- Book 1) 4 out of 5 stars.

Brian D. Anderson is featured to be a guest on The Writers Lounge Podcast located on this site.

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