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Book Review: The Big Dark Sky

The Big Dark Sky was written by Dean Koontz and it was published by Thomas and Mercer in 2022. You can purchase it on Amazon/Kindle and you can visit the author on Amazon and on social media.

The mystery surrounding Jimmy Two Eyes, the empathy that Joanna has for this horribly grotesque individual pulled me deeper into the story.

Joanna "Jojo" Chase loved her life in Montana. She and her family lived on Rustling Willows Ranch but at thirty-four years old she finds that some of those memories of living in Montana have faded and one childhood friend that she should have certainly remembered is nowhere in her recollection. Now living in Santa Fe, something weird is happening; she begins to receive pleas for help by phone, through her TV and in her dreams. "I am in a dark place, Jojo. Please come and help me." Joanna is compelled to return to Montana where she finally meets up "Jimmy Two Eyes", her long ago forgotten good friend who she befriended in school, after Jimmy was bullied. Jimmy, horribly disfigured since birth, has a message for Joanna; but it's a message far worse than Jojo could ever have imagined; and Jimmy isn't the same as she finally remembered him. Joanna soon learns that she wasn't the only one who was urged into coming to Rustling Willows Ranch. People from all walks of life have come to confront a danger that is said to lurk there. All with good intentions but one other has written a manifesto to end humanity, by mass murder in order to save the world. A madman. Is it coincidental that all of these people turn out under Montana's big dark sky in order to defeat the threat against humanity? The answer awaits. The mystery surrounding Jimmy Two Eyes and the empathy that Joanna has for this horribly grotesque individual pulled me deeper into the story. The unknown force that can control human and even animal behavior was also a very compelling ingredient that enticed me to keep on reading this latest work from Dean Koontz. My only criticism, which has turned me off to some of his other novels, is the fact that he sometimes becomes too descriptive when writing a scene. It takes away from the plot and I start feeling disappointed in the story, but this one didn't suffer from that. I love when I can sit down and get absorbed into a tale, like this one. I loved it!

I give The Big Dark Sky 4 out of 5 stars.

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