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Book Review: The Sense Of Death

The Sense Of Death was written by Matty Dalrymple and published by William Kingsfield Publishers in 2013.You may purchase it at Visit the author on Facebook and Twitter.

Ann Kinnear thought the job was just another sensing-for-hire until she realized that the woman in the Philadelphia townhouse was the victim of murder.

Will Ann be able to bring the victim's killer to justice—or will she pay the ultimate price herself?

Ann Kinnear has created a peaceful existence at her cabin in the Adirondack woods. But the calm is shattered after socialite Elizabeth Firth is reported missing. With few clues and fewer options, Detective Joe Booth calls upon Ann's spirit sensing abilities to help solve the mystery, and to uncover what Elizabeth's husband is hiding beneath his cloak of wealth and privilege.

As Ann is drawn deeper into a web of lies and betrayal, will its fatal threads snare her as well?

A murder mystery blended in with a paranormal twist is always a good recipe to hook a reader into flipping the pages; and several writers have pursued this angle, but it takes a talented writer to pull it off by creating a character and story plot that is both likable and interesting. The author didn’t miss her mark here. Ann Kinnear is more of a recluse and she’s never eager to showcase her paranormal talents of “sensing” the dead and thus, for this reader, it made Ann much more intriguing. Also, the character development of all the secondary characters, especially the main suspect, Biden Firth, was relatable and realistic. Her skills at word painting the scenery around her characters are exceptional to the point where I could see it on the movie screen in my mind.

The descriptions and the surprising revelations in the final scene of this paranormal murder mystery stood out for me. It’s the author’s overall great storytelling that compels me to continue reading about Ann and her future adventures in this series. I’m hooked.

Matty Dalrymple has proven herself to be good at her craft and she certainly doesn’t disappoint in this ghostly and mysterious tale.

Matty Dalrymple is scheduled as a guest on The Writers Lounge Blog Talk Radio Show. (date and time to be announced.)

I give The Sense Of Death 5 stars.

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