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Book Review: Time Tunnel

Time Tunnel, The Twin Towers, was written by Richard Todd and published by Time Tunnel Media, LLC in 2019.You may purchase it at Visit the author on Amazon.

September 10, 2001. Special Forces Major Kyle Mason is honeymooning at New York’s SoHo Grand Hotel with his bride, Padma Mahajan. The couple’s hotel is only a few hundred yards away from Padma’s place of work on the 105th floor of the World Trade Center’s North Tower.

When Padma steps out for coffee and a cigarette, a mysterious visitor enters the honeymoon suite, warning Kyle of an incomprehensible catastrophe that will result in the total destruction of the World Trade Center towers, killing his wife. The stranger enlists Kyle’s help to avert a disaster that will occur the following morning – on 9/11.

The first book in the Time Tunnel series, “Time Tunnel: The Twin Towers,” re-imagines 9/11 as a critical inflection point in time, the outcome of which the government determines must be altered in order to reverse the course of the American empire.

Historical fiction is a favorite genre of mine so maybe that is why I also like time travel sagas. The Towers is the first book of three by this author. Special Forces Major Kyle Mason is on his honeymoon with his wife Padma at a hotel in New York City. While Padma is out of the room he is visited by a mysterious stranger who warns him of a catastrophe that is about to happen the next day. That next day is 9/11. From that point on, Kyle's mission is to join forces with the government to stop 9/11. The means by which this will happen, if at all possible, is through time travel, but the complications of altering time, especially a major event like 9/11, could prove even more problematic for both The United States and the World.

Richard Todd weaves a story through the decades of time travel that will astonish most readers and the science that is incorporated in his work is both believable and interesting to think about. The thought that one movement, one action or a few words spoken could alter the course of our future is mind boggling. Todd touches on this theme and it leads to two other books in this series, which I also read in record time.

From the 1800's to 2008, the author takes us on an amazing time travel roller coaster ride through history using characters who are interesting and likable and just a hint: Even if they are likable, they have abilities that will alter history on a timeline that is both horrific and wonderful at the same time.

This is a must read. I loved it!

I give Time Tunnel a solid 5 out of 5 stars

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