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Book Review: Two Left Feet

Updated: Feb 7

Two Left Feet was written by Tomasina Decrescenzo and published by Page Publishing Inc. in 2022. You can purchase it on Amazon/Kindle and you can visit the author on Amazon and on social media.

Memories are wonderful things and the author used hers to delight and interest me in this very entertaining and fun read.

The author uses the point of view voice of herself from the ages of ten to twelve years of age. The time is set in 1963 Brooklyn, New York. She grows up in an Italian/ Sicilian family and we are introduced to them through their language and customs as we read along. The book is a patchwork of humorous stories and memories from the authors youth. We are also introduced to a zany and interesting bunch of characters from her neighborhood. We learn that the title of the book, Two Left Feet, is in reference to a mistake her mother made when she mistakenly stole two left footed sneakers for her daughter. Soon after, the author's grandmother corrects the problem and buys her a pair of Red PF Flyers sneakers. This ramps up her already vivid imagination and she dreams that the new sneakers will give her the ability to fly. There are many references to the events and music of that time, further enhancing the enjoyment of the story. When I first picked up this book to read, it was as if I was transported back in time to those same years. The author and I are within the same age bracket, and I can relate to so much of what she wrote about. But, even if you were born much later than the time period that is mentioned in the book, I am sure you will relate to the richness and humor of the characters in Two Left Feet. Memories are wonderful things and the author used hers to delight and interest me in this very entertaining and fun read. Her use of language in telling the story is colorful and masterful. She put me there and allowed me to watch, as if it were a movie. Here's a sample: "My father was neurotic before we even knew what the word meant, and he had’da kiss all his saint statues before he left for work every day. He had about twenty’a them ranging from St. Joseph to St. Linguini and was always late for work cause of his obsession. He also got fired from a lotta jobs cause of it. For him to leave the house without kissin’ his statues was like him leavin’ the house without his underwear on." Two Left Feet. I loved it!

I give Two Left Feet 4 out of 5 stars.

Tomasina Decrescenzo is a scheduled guest on The Writers Lounge Blog Talk Radio Show #141 on July 24, 2023.

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