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Book Review: Within The Flame- After The Fall- Book 1

Within The Flame: After The Fall- Book 1 was written by Jordan Crestwood and published in 2020.You may purchase it at Visit the author on Facebook.

Global explosions bring society to a screeching halt. Governments crumble, citizens must fend for themselves, and chaos reigns. James is a martial arts student visiting a city thousands of miles from home when the world explodes around him, surrounding him with destruction and death. Charlotte is a young woman with a troubled past and a unique way with people. When society dies and chaos takes its place, her strengths prove invaluable both to her and the small group of survivors she leads. In a world where the evil seize power and the morals of the good are tested by what they must do to survive, the search for safety becomes paramount. As this group struggles just to live another day, they discover one truth. In the world after the Fall, you grow stronger or you die.

On a first date, with a woman who had already captured his heart, James and Charlotte are quickly confronted with the horror of a world being destroyed. Explosions erupt far and wide and as cities fall the couple are thrust into a post-apocalyptic existence where they are faced with dealing with a society gone mad with fear and violence. During their journey James and Charlie encounter many different people whose main focus is surviving in a challenging and dangerous world after “the fall”. However, James and Charlie, with their own unique set of skills, finds that their own budding relationship is failing, while other conflicts flare up in their survival community.

From the start this story will grip you with a romantic interest; where the characters are well developed and stimulating. Just as I settled into getting to know them, the world around them literally begins to blow up and it’s at this point that the story hooked me. In a post 9/11, pandemic world, it reminded me that life and love can end abruptly and if we are to survive after such a horrific nightmare, we will have to look to people like James and Charlie to bring us through the long days ahead. What is most interesting is the enduring minds of these characters and survivalists who work the land for food and safe shelter. It’s obvious that the author has knowledge in this aspect of the story and it wasn’t lost on this reader.

The one minor flaw in this read was one lingering question from the beginning of this story, that was left unanswered but I won’t mention it here as the answer may come in book 2. Jordan Crestwood has delivered solid talent in his first novel. I expect to read more books by this successful new author.

Jordan Crestwood is scheduled as a guest on The Writers Lounge Podcast. (1-30-21)

I give Within The Flame: After The Fall- Book 1 4 out of 5 stars.

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