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Poppy’s Prison

Poppy’s Prison

The Bootlegger Murder Mystery involves the grandfather/adopted father of the author. Below is an interview excerpt taken from the newspapers, just days after Russell Brice began serving more than twenty years in Sing Sing Prison. "Brice is a cheerful chap, with smiling gray eyes and blonde hair. He is twenty-six years old and is not a bit ashamed of the many crimes of which he has been accused or of the time he has spent in prison.“Behind the downfall of every man there is a woman,” he remarks with the wisdom of the ages. “A woman has placed me where I am. It was her talk which gave me the reputation of being ‘a second Hamby’”. Gordon Hamby was a notorious bank robber and killer who was executed in Sing Sing Prison's electric chair in January of 1920.


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    Signed copy at request of customer via e-mail.  

    Black and white printing.

    4.5"X7" Pocketbook size 357 pagesCopyright Thomas Riddell 2020

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