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Book Review: Ash

Ash was written by Luke Romyn and published in 2020.You may purchase

it at Visit the author on Facebook and Twitter.

A power-hungry corporation called Titanus blinded Ash with their experiments, but they also opened his ability to access Shade, a darker version of our reality. There, his vision returns and his wounds heal, but all other life crumbles to dust. While attempting to create a global teleportation system, Titanus accidentally opens several dangerous rifts that threaten to tear our world apart. Nightmarish creatures from another realm soon invade, impervious to all weapons. Believing Ash to be the only one able to close the portals, Titanus exploits those he cares about most to coerce him into cooperating. But even immortals have limits.

I have professionally reviewed over 100 books in the last ten years and this is the truth: Ash, the main protagonist in this story, is one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever known on the pages of a book. We learn early on in the story that he’s a priest but he’s no ordinary priest, in fact he’s no ordinary human being either. He’s a very large imposing blind man with eyes that will spook you to the core; but the power he has acquired, to slip into another dimension called shade, unnerves him more than his eyes and size might frighten others. In the first twenty pages you’ll come to know Ash and to love him for his generous acts of kindness, his sightless bravery and his protective nature. Ash is addictively intriguing and he propelled me deeper into this fascinating supernatural thriller.

Luke Romyn is no stranger to me. I have read other works of his and I have had the pleasure to interview him on The Writers Lounge Show way back in 2011. His writing was good back then and he has succeeded and evolved into a very successful indie author.

Ash, is the first book of The Shade Trilogy. The character alone will keep you glued to the pages.

I give Ash a solid 5 stars.

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