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Book Review: Perversion Of Justice

Perversion Of Justice was written by Julie K. Brown and published by Dey Street Books in 2021. The book can be purchased on Amazon/Kindle. The Author can be visited on Facebook and Amazon.

Julie K. Brown, an investigative reporter with a Florida newspaper, had spent years investigating the inhumane conditions in Florida prisons but the shift in her reporting came after Jeffrey Epstein made news, after he had sexually abused underaged girls, who were enticed into his creepy web by promising them a life of leisure and riches by simply being his masseuse. Brown became zeroed in on the story and tells of her struggles as a journalist where she has to compete with others who are looking for the big story. She says, "I've always likened being an investigative reporter to being a police detective. Part of me wanted to solve mysteries that even the real crime detectives couldn’t." She tells of how, after her Epstein story broke, they would watch the board to see how popular a story was doing among readers. There was a story about how someone had farted while on an elevator and of course that story gained popularity fast but Brown writes: "Before turning off my computer, I looked at my Twitter account. I suddenly had thousands of followers. Then the unbelievable happened. It beat the fart story. The room erupted in applause. My phone started ringing, and my computer mailbox was filling up with congratulations."

The book highlights many of the victims of Jeffrey Epstein's sexual exploits and it just boggles my mind of how someone so evil was able to manipulate so many people— from Wall Street brokers to even the officials of the Florida and the United States Justice Departments. He hobnobbed with celebrities and politicians, among them: Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, David Copperfield, Bill Gates and several others.

Donald Trump: “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” said Donald Trump, fifteen years before he would be elected president. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women almost as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it—Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

The warped psychology of the man was mind blowing. "Epstein had a dream of seeding the human race with his own DNA by creating a baby ranch at his New Mexico compound." "Epstein apparently told some of the members of his scientific circle that he wanted to inseminate women with his sperm for them to give birth to his babies, and that he wanted his head and his penis frozen."

The book ends with Epstein's conspiratorial death in which the author offers her own opinion. I enjoyed reading the book and admire the author's effort in putting forth all of her research, which must have been exhaustive to bring all together. I would guess, for most readers, this book is a bit long winded and the word count could have been cut down a bit but honestly, Brown's focus here is on the victims and their journey to get justice and with that in mind, even the large amount of extra legalese rambling can be excused.

This book will blow your mind as to how easy evil can invade our society and prosper. It's worth the read and to know the victims Hell.

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