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Book Review: Surrender

Surrender was written by Wayne Allen Drake and published in 2022. You can purchase it on Amazon/Kindle and you can visit the author on Amazon and on social media.

Highlighting the undying resilience of the human spirit and the hope that we can find our true selves, even during the worst of times.

Adam Lankershim's life has been extremely hard and good luck free. Unable to afford decent healthcare in an America that has evolved into an impoverished and crime ridden nation, he seeks out the help of a veterinarian who gives him a dire diagnosis. He has less than a month to live. Finally, he decides to live life to the fullest- despite the fact that he only has weeks to live. With his faithful cat Miss Fortune and his best friend and lesbian soul mate Sara by his side, he heads off to Las Vegas to live out his dreams. Accompanying him on his mission he brings a whole lot of newfound cash that he retrieved after witnessing a deadly drug deal gone bad. This all happened in a secret tunnel beneath the tanning salon where he worked. With involved nefarious individuals seeking him out, it was another good reason to flee to the bright lights of Vegas.

But Adam's ultimate destiny will be to rescue a woman from a reality TV show where immigrants are held in cages and compete to become Americans. Will Adam's bad luck life change and how will this final journey he is on impact the others in his life?

From the opening pages, this story pulled at my interest, and it lit up my desires to learn more from Sara, who was about to tell Adam's story to a reporter from a national public radio station. The tale began with Sara holding a pair of red faded cowboy boots that she had just taken out of a closet. It was a story of heartbreak, bad news and rebirth, amidst a nation that was politically polarized and fragmented like never before. Surrender highlighted the undying resilience of the human spirit and the hope that all of us can find our true selves, even during the worst of times.

If you are like me, this story, when the last page is read, will surprise, delight you, and it'll also give you a chance to reflect on the extraordinary times we now find ourselves living in. Wayne Drake tells a great story here and humanity is lucky and blessed to have him in its fold.

Surrender is a must read!

I give Surrender 5 out of 5 stars.

Wayne Allen Drake is a scheduled guest on The Writers Lounge Blog Talk Radio Show #116 on May 30, 2022

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